Awesome Websites To Check Out

These are just a few of the most amazing places to seek Awe outside of my blog. Most of these are real professional projects that will stimulate your brain!

Zen Pencils

Zen Pencil's Stanley Kubrick comic.

Zen Pencil’s Stanley Kubrick comic.

Gavin is an extremely talented artist and pop-philosopher. Gavin takes quotes and turns them into pieces of artwork, whereby the quote takes on a story of its own. We all have those quotes that we like to remember, that we attach meanings to; Gavin just manifests them in the world of art. His work will open you up to a new realm of ideas, that are short and succinct representations of particular philosophies.

My Personal Favourites:
John Lennon – Produce Your Own Dream
Timothy Leary – You Aren’t Like Them
Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot

Existential Comics

Dungeons and Dragons Playing Philosophy Niche but theoretical humour

Dungeons and Dragons Playing Philosophy Niche but Theoretical Humour

Sartre, Beauvoir, Kant, Derrida, Foucault, Wittgenstein and more, all in one comics website. Existential Comics has an amazing grasp on heavy philosophical works, as well as a great grasp on humour. For those not well read in philosophy, Existential Comics tends to provide explicit explanations of the joke at the bottom of some of their comics, and even without them you can normally get the gist of the joke. The writer also tackles conceptual work in a serious manner on occasion, and is an amazing resource if you want to learn about some of the main thinkers since the enlightenment!

My Personal Favourites:

Dungeons and Dragons and Philosopher Part 1
The Wrath of the Sea
The Machine
Germans Play Monopoly

Shots of Awe


Without Shots of Awe, this blog would never exist! I have written about Jason Silva to death on this blog  [See: here, here, here]. Shots of Awe is an attempt to wake us, wake us from the banality of task based human existence. It is a call to be more than what you can be, to transcend yourself! “Man is a bridge, not an end” said Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and that is what Jason Silva believes too! Shots of Awe is a call to be inspired with life, to look out into the world and see it for what it is: an absolute marvel. Semi-Weekly, Jason Silva takes us on a trip through his eyes, and helps us expand ourselves. Some have argued that Shots of Awe does not tell one enough about the thoughts Silva goes into. To say such is to miss the point: if you’re fascinated go learn and be fascinated. That is the Shot of Awe Mantra.

My Personal Favourites:

NonConformity and the Creative Life
Layers of Truth
Schizophrenia and Depression
A World in a Sentence
Existential Bummer

The Creators Project

A Vice News off-shoot, The Creators Project is a news source for those who want to experience awe-of-the-real. The Creators Project lacks concepts, but contains real world things that inspire us. Filled with amazing photography, awesome technological projects, futurist endeavours and more, The Creators Project is an ode to a future made by artists and scientists.

My Personal Favourites:

Walk A Year in Someone’s Life
Artist Blends Humans With Nature
Futuristic Solar Roadways Could Power Entire Cities





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