Bio: I'm from Toronto Canada and I now live on the West Coast. I go to Simon Fraser University for Sociology and Anthropology. I believe in the power of humans to inspire themselves and reshape their lives as they see fit. Part of this project is to help people explore the infinite creative solutions that communities and individuals are constructing in order to defeat the negativity and doom and gloom that exists in our society. I hope to be part of the solution, to open us up to the possibility of reshaping our lives to explore awe and wonder.

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  1. Hey, great blog. I just skimmed the sociology article because I am tired. I did anthropology at university but I find most anthropologists elitist and cantankerous. I know thats a gross generalisation but I generally find it is a hermetically sealed professionm, both in terms of getting a job in it and also in terms of public engagement. Im a journalist now and anthropologists are scared of journalists. They whinge that their profession is dying but I think its partly of their own making.

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