Recently I’ve been lagging on my blogging responsibilities. I guess a lot of things have been happening, and life shifting so fast that I’ve rarely put pen to paper or finger to keyboard except to write assignments. One thing that has recently popped into my life is haikus. I’ve always really liked writing poetry, even though I’m not the best at it. Mostly I like to write free verse, but because of two people in my life, I’ve been trying to write more poetry and write more haiku’s too. It started as trying to respond to one of my mother’s haiku’s, on the death of her Christmas poinsettia, but has shifted over to just trying to write haikus. By boxing yourself within a form, you end up creating something that is really beautiful. Food for thought.

An “english haiku” consists of three lines, five syllables on the first line, seven on the second line, and five on the last line. Normally, haiku’s also consist of juxtaposition, although most people tend to only conform to the syllabic rule. Finally, a haiku also tends to consist of nature, as experienced by the person. No airy heady philosophy stuff, haiku’s try to be really grounded in lived experience.

Here are a couple of haiku’s I’ve been working on (as well as accompanying pictures when possible).


2015-02-12 19.50.51

Tired silent lights,
The city torrential, pours,
Mountain stoics home.

Campfire Beginnings

Hot crackling, red light
Breath thick of smoke and warm air,
A New Year begins


The sweet smell, fresh ground,
bitter perfume, bold dark taste.
Ground up happiness.

Got a haiku, post it below! I also tend to post my haiku’s to twitter here: https://twitter.com/ExistentialAwe


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