Jamais Vu

Ever had one of those moments where you swear you had already lived a moment in your life, even though the experience was completely new? If you have, you’ve experienced Deja Vu, something most people understand conceptually. It’s always an unsettling but fascinating feeling, but what would its counterpart feeling like? Jamais vu is the inverse experience; in essence Jamais vu is what happens when you actually have experienced something before, but are experiencing it for the first time. It is like experiencing something again for the first time. The mundane becomes exciting, old practices make you feel the rush they did the first time. In essence, Jamais Vu is the feeling you experience when you hack your mentality of the world, break out of the banal cognitive preconditioning and take a step back into that first moment, whatever it is. Our brains are wired to slowly adapt to things, beautiful moments become unimportant or one of many. How do we step out of that space and rediscover moments of fun and excitement?


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