Day 4: Birthdays and Gaming

2014-06-23 19.46.18

Today was my friends birthday. We spent the day drinking and playing dungeons and dragons. The last game we played was Munchkins, which if you have not played it, is amazing. It is a satire of D&D, but is still fun to play whether you have roleplayed or not.

In relation to the selfie, two things I have noticed from this photo. First, I need to shave consistently for these pictures. Self-image is something I do not consider enough it seems. The picture taking also is a very self-conscious act. I find myself unable to explain the project to others, and also I tend to hide my camera from those who are not involved. A great article on Ideapod talked about FOLS (Fear of Looking Stupid), which is exactly the feeling I have been experiencing as I work. I might write more of this on Friday. 


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