Phone Free: Day 1

Cherry blossoms are beautiful. Back in Toronto they only really bloom for a weekend, so it’s amazing to experience the process right now on my daily walk. I would have taken a picture, but unfortunately, my phone is dead. I’m going to have to ask you to trust me on this one, since I can’t semi-verify my experience. I might briefly look at the Cherry Blossoms, but today I fully stop, and stare up for a moment before I continue on. They are beautiful, their off-white blooming is quite breathtaking. I don’t want to fully account this appreciation to a lack of a phone, but I normally keep moving.

My walk to and from the bus stop is normally filled with lots of ska music, so I normally skip (It’s really more like a one step hop), and walk fast so I can get to class. On days this beautiful, I normally spin poi outside during my free time. I found this more difficult, because the music normally gives me a beat to spin too, and keeps me in time. I find myself pausing between movements to take a break and either check on our snow peas in the garden, or to just stare at the mountains. I love practicing poi, but so far it is more difficult to practice without music.

We do not really own a clock, because our phones function as clocks. This makes getting to class on time more difficult, because if I’m not at my computer, I do not have access to the time. It is extremely frustrating. I left 30 minutes early today, and it meant I had to kill some time on campus. I sat in front of SFU’s beautiful pond, that features a Jade stone. It is a beautiful place to sit and relax, and as the sun starts to prepare its dip, this day is no exception. Fortunately I have comic books with me, so the time flies. For those interested, Hacktivist and Green Arrow are great series. Fun fact: the original clock known as the workenclock was originally created in Germany to get people to work on more strict schedules. Factory workers initially revolted, but eventually gave up. We have been slaves to time ever since. 


I take the bus back with a friend. We talk existentialism, philosophy, hard determinism, skepticism, Waking Life and that movie with Jamie Foxx as president of the US. My walk home is very serene. The sun is setting and I feel very merry as I once again pass under the Cherry Blossoms. My neighbour stops me and says hello, as birds chirp in the background. Her dog is named Trudeau, and is this big poodle who I normally pet on my way home, as he sits with a leash extended to the sidewalk.


Well, that’s the first cell phone free stream of thought!


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